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bruh. how do i. 

this is very lovely

this is the best description i've read of anything in a while

of course! you seem like such a sweet person btw :))

yo i love this

this is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen.

this game was so beautiful. i love the art (reminds me of limbo). i love these types of games. some of my favorites that i thought of after playing are:

limbo, gone home, lost tracks, (playdead's) inside, oxenfree, monument valley, the silent age, radiant one, and a few others. 

i think this game belongs in the same category as all of them. it was able to evoke the same amount of emotion inside of me (which is saying a lot considering the fact that i listed gone home, oxenfree, and the silent age). 

sorry that i overshare and impulsively write like-

literally an entire book as a comment, 

but i seriously love this a lot. 

thank you for making such an amazing game :)

your story matches mine quite a bit. i just don't have the energy to type it out atm ;)