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Pig master

A member registered Jan 31, 2021

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this game is amazing and if you add the whole world and mabye some other stuff that would be amazing

i can play now

hi, I am having trouble starting up the game, if you can send a link to the scratch version that would be helpful.

google crome has a thing called flags and it will block webgl sometimes

I found a way to block them all off except at the road so i can just afk

7 emus out of 10

im on crome and it works

i am on chromebook and it works

super fun

it seems super good but i cant read it so please make it in English

2900 kromer

i got a star, was killed and called a pesk

464 dollers

super fun, you can fly by spamming space in some spots

got 156

please continue making more because it is super fun

super fun a bit hard but still super fun

like how it is random

i got to tubbo

1. they are adding polus
2. they making crewmate mode


super fun. please make more

too hard

Updated score. 8 pizza 1 rope

I only got 4 rope and 2 pizza😭


the game is just black for me

same for me

so good