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I have the same problem, crashes on start

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haha macos go BRRRRRRRRRRRR

edit: sorry about that i haven't worked on this for like a year and its literally just a thing that you can use to kill robot people your not missing out on anything



could you please elaborate


hmmmm. it seems that most engines dont build for 64 bit OSs by default. ill look into how that works in Unreal, and get back to you soon

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Justin Dalebout! Its finally here! Tell me if it works with Catalina(I might need to rebuild it with the 64bit framework)

Hey folks. Justin, thanks for bringing this game back up. I almost forgot! Im building the 3d version now, and it will be done in a minutes!

also, this was my first time hosting a game jam!

I nice submission for your first game! I loved the art and style of the game!

Heres some feedback, and help on how to improve it:

  • Make sure to add a controls menu that explains how to play the game
  • Next time, for music, you can follow a tutorial like this one to play the audio seamlessly across scenes
  • You could add a final goal, or coins to incentivize the player

also, thanks for the suggestions!

hey boggerboy(noice name), you may not have heard, but i am currently working on a 3d port of the game, which is now done(hurray!) and I am currently working on exporting it from unreal. Ill keep yall posted on the development of it. Thanks!

Hey Justin. Im currently working on a 3d port of the game(upgrade!) so just hold on till that gets posted. Thanks!

nice video

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ok. Ill try now. thanks for telling me!

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you may need to cmd+click(or right-click) on the app and then click open to launch the app. If you get any error messages, post them here and ill look into them.

ayy someone pls try to build this for mac using like wineskin or somthing

ps also joined ur discord:)


thx. its currently in VERY early stages. Just something I was experimenting with

linux built! There will be an audio problem. the audio will not slow down when you are in slow-mo for linux users. sorry :(

Ill build for linux soon when i have time

windows built!

Im building for windows now!

ayyy sent you an email

cool but you can you make a VR game? or u cant?

just posted windows file. I use MAC, so please tell me if the WINDOWS file works.

windows coming soon