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Listen to me you GOTTA put Sabitsuki in this game alright JUST TRUST ME ON THIS ONE

i love yume 2kki online projec <3

i didnt notice ellen was teh fucking loading screen

this is one hell of a comment section huh

PLEASE put Sabitsuki in the game I beg you

it seems not my friend

good point

this is like 22 moneys in my country :') its ok ill absolutely get this when I acquire da dough, and will update this comment once i have read this.

hehe nice

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I can see the analogue horror inspiration and while I normally don't have much appreciation for it nowadays (nothing can ever beat Local 58), this was made a lot more impactful for me due to the interactive aspect.

Also, no sussy Jerma smile which is a guaranteed plus from me, and while facial distortion is still something this game relies on, it was done in a way I actually really liked.
Like, if I saw these individuals near me I would be genuinely creeped out (I would also shited pised and cumed on my pantaloons).

EDIT: I have come to appreciate analogue horror again. This is still a great game.

ballfart epidemic

lol mpreg

Join the Fuckers Organization today

mandalore catapult

bird up

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in a sea of shit.......... this is fucks

I love the game.

I couldn't recall any additional files appearing, and I most definitely checked twice! :( a bummer for me but I'm still interested in the story, so I might just try again soon!

Criminally underrated considering how effective and powerful this is. The whole thing builds up to a moment that I can only describe as lonesome, and almost hopeless.
Couple that with the open-ended, vague but simultaneously direct story, which could be interpreted as a ficticious end-of-world scenario or an allusion to a possible grim future for us, for example, and it's real striking.

I love it! <3

Very intriguing so far, I just beat Mike's highscore before exploring most of the PC but now I'm trying to run the LOAD *"DIARY"* command on the command panel, and it just doesn't work. I'm not sure if I'm just supposed to press enter or something else but I'm stumped. May be my fault.

that is very cool, Potato Gaming

yiikin' awesome

Pretty good interpretation, makes sense for her character if you ask me. Poor Embry :c

bruh dropped his whole ass IP on an comment section

My heart was racing, good lord

weird flex

Excels in atmosphere and visuals, I was trembling all throughout and the suspense was unbearable (in a good way). The story however, was a teeny tiny bit confusing, but I think I could connect some dots. A shame no one has actually found any other endings if any, me included.

I can certainly say I got spooked, though I somehow managed to predict the "getting pushed off the stairs" moment, hah

Without giving spoilers, I cannot believe I was scared by what I was scared. Loved it.


this shit cute af gonna play it with my friends

Old topic buuut I never see discussions about bad mods ANYWHERE, only praise, so...

Sketchy. Mainly because of the music. I like the concept but the music sounds so bad. Remaster is decent, I guess, still not crazy about it.

Really loved it! The story is quite interesting, and engimatic at times. I'm still trying to make out what exactly happened there at the end for myself, because honestly, it could be anything, but I imagine it's something metaphorical.

Either way, I loved the characters, Embry is a precious lil' cinnamon bun and Dr. D. Light is just the best in every way. Despite it being so short, the story still manages to be engaging all the way through. The art, the music, it's all so charming, it fits like a glove! Thanks for this awesome experience. I'll definitely be checking out your other stuff.