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Ah yes, the optimal playing experience, intense button lag, I can't see anything, as all games should be.

I see you followed through. Congrats man!

Awesome dude! It is a good game! If you are starting out this is super good if not still super good!

SUPER FUN! If you want multiplayer then play this! Wait wait singleplayer lonely people! You can play single player too!

This is a fun game with a fun twist

It is ULTRA fun and sorta complex but when you understand it a bit it'll be easy then i realised what i was golfing ON and it was super amazing!

No download?

An amazing game for 48 hours i mean not normaly what id play but still amazing and i suggest it!

It was a fun game BUT the turning of the club is in increments of 5 so you cant aim well AND you cant really predict the speed of the ball that well when you shoot so its luck ALSO the level with the ramp is mega glitched to the point where you can hit the ball on the ramp and if you over shoot TO BAD because now you fall for eternity and softlock the game. Over all its fine it just needs some bug fixing!