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Piers Bishop

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Because it's playable in your browser ! :)

You're welcome !

But I'm curious , how did it save your life ?

There's a pdf in the downloaded zip file that should tell you the controls. :)

Hah, It's not everyday you get a let's play for your game ! :p

Thanks a lot for this, I enjoyed watching you working out some of the different game mechanics.

I know the keyboard/mouse controls aren't amazing though, the game was first thought out for controller, and then I sort of plastered the mouse/keyboard controls on top of that just to make it "technically work". Hope it doesn't stop anyone from straight out enjoying the game !

Making the game actually felt a lot like playing it : at first it feels fine, you think you can manage, but the deeper you go into it, the more confusing some things get, sometimes realizing you were going in the wrong direction all along !

Ouais, ce serait cool. Faudrait que je mette en place un système de NPCs / dialogue, histoire d'avoir au moins l'impression d'une histoire ou d'un truc à suivre.

Hah, fair enough. I might get back to it later this week, then.

Hey, thanks ! :)

Yeah, most if the tunes it plays out are rather "meh"-ish at best. I really couldn't be bothered with a more complex algorithm either.

Oh, and I know nothing about music in any case. x)

It doesn't matter if you take more than an hour. These are more guidelines than they are rules, let your creativity run wild !

Hi there !

There is no grounded condition actually, it's just a perpetual reorientation and "falling" towards the sphere.

The script is a little more complex than that, because I thought it out as some kind of artificial gravity, but you got the gist of it, yeah. :)

Okay, maybe not so much "misinterpreted" as "purposefully derailed", then. :)