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Thank you! :)


Hah, thanks a bunch !

Thank you!

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I don't use GB Studio, my gameboy & gameboy color ROMS are made using GBDK, a programming library for the C language. I highly recommend it if you're a little familiar with code. GBDK does have some issues, as it is an old library, and can cause memory leaks even with some otherwise-normal code. I would highly suggest using GBDK-N or GBDK 2020 instead, which are both very recent updates to the library that attempt to fix its issues.

For this challenge, I've also been using gingemonster's GameboyPngConverter to help with the tile generation. (Before that, I'd go through the usual GBTD and GBMB tools, which are ok for regular level building, but aren't thought out for pixel art pieces like this)

Hah, thank you so much! Maybe next year! :)

Don't sweat it, I'm really glad you appreciate the art in the first place! :)

Did I not...? Oh dear, my bad! It should be up now!

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

I have many ideas for an improved version of this, but I've never been motivated to push it any further: I haven't had many opportunities to roleplay since making this, so it's sort of fallen into abandonment.

In any case, I'm glad someone else found it and enjoyed it! If I ever make a new one, you'll be the first to know!

hey :)

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'm glad you got a good time out of it! :D

You're spot on, it is thought out as a prototype for what I could do for a larger scale game. I may have something out later this year if I can find the time for it. :)

Thanks <3

Thanks a lot for the feedback !

The game was never meant to be challenging, by design. (Although as stated in the description, the map was initially intended to offer some form of exploration). This is mostly me experimenting with game boy features in order to start making more narrative-oriented games. This includes figuring out how to play music, and is one of the reasons why I didn't bother with a long track (as annoying as it gets lol).

The Arthurian legend is a mess, there is no real canon to it, and there are as many versions of the myth as there are authors. But I'm glad you got something out of the game, as it is!

As for the spelling mistake, I think I found it (I found one, at any rate), and of course it had to also be in one of the screenshots on the page. I'll fix this when I have the time. Thanks for pointing it out!

Thanks a bunch for the feedback! :D

It's a gameboy game, so you'll need an emulator to play it. I recommend bgb or vba, but it's up to you.

I would love to but I don't have a 1920*1080 monitor. If I launch your game I can't get past the first screen because of what I assume is an out-of-frame UI button....

Thanks a bunch!

This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks a lot for this, it's always a pleasure to see somebody enjoying one of my games! <3

Thanks ! :D

Thanks for the feedback !

You've probably seen the whole game, the most "hidden" feature is a second house that you can go into. If you've been there, you'll know. :)

Thanks a bunch ! :D

Yeah, buying them in bulk lessens the overall cost, but it's still incredibly expensive. Alternatively, you could consider buying a USB cart, such as an Everdrive or the Ez Flash Jr. You can put multiple roms on them, and they are of course compatible with custom roms too. It's not as fancy as having a dedicated cart for a game, but still an option for playing these roms on the original hardware! :)

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

As for making custom cartridges, there are sites that allow you to order a cartridge with a custom ROM on them. The one I went to for my first custom cart was named Catskull Electronics.

You can also buy a custom cart flasher from Inside Gadgets, which is what I ended up doing, along with flashable carts of various specs. Keep in mind this will ship from Australia though, so there will be a bit of an extra cost for delivery (especially if you live in Europe).

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Hello there !

I'm afraid there is no moving / teleporting system in this experience. This was intended, in order to keep the interactions as simple as possible.

As such, the experience does require a minimal play area of around 2.5m x 2m, ideally a little more.

I'm terribly sorry, I was sure we'd specified that in the description, and it will be added right away.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

This is an amazing game about an amazing journey.

It felt very touching, probably because it mirrors my own life : moving a lot while younger, fuzzy memories, a few other things ... And a current stability with "her", along with developping my own Game Boy games today !

I'm actually writing part of my thesis on games like these (and the ones I made), and I was wondering if you'd like to tell me little more about yourself and your game. (Maybe in private, though... Just let me know if you're interested :) )

In any case, probably the best 2 dollars I spent ! I'd like to flash this game to an individual cart for my collection, would you be interrested in making a sticker design for it ?

Because it's playable in your browser ! :)

You're welcome !

But I'm curious , how did it save your life ?

There's a pdf in the downloaded zip file that should tell you the controls. :)

Hah, It's not everyday you get a let's play for your game ! :p

Thanks a lot for this, I enjoyed watching you working out some of the different game mechanics.

I know the keyboard/mouse controls aren't amazing though, the game was first thought out for controller, and then I sort of plastered the mouse/keyboard controls on top of that just to make it "technically work". Hope it doesn't stop anyone from straight out enjoying the game !

Making the game actually felt a lot like playing it : at first it feels fine, you think you can manage, but the deeper you go into it, the more confusing some things get, sometimes realizing you were going in the wrong direction all along !

Ouais, ce serait cool. Faudrait que je mette en place un système de NPCs / dialogue, histoire d'avoir au moins l'impression d'une histoire ou d'un truc à suivre.

Okay, maybe not so much "misinterpreted" as "purposefully derailed", then. :)