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Piers Redfield

A member registered Apr 26, 2017

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Man this is adorable. I loved the sounds when you mistyped. Pupper showed me some real skillz.

Let me just say something. I was SO excited to download this game and the second it did, I instantly started the game. I loved this so much. I was beyond addicted and I couldn't even be bothered to do anything else except play this game. I think the idea of a growing adventure is brilliant. Like the walking up to the wall and waiting for it to spawn was brilliant.  I hope more is added to it in the future! I love this game so freaking much and the very mention of the game fills me with joy.

Wow this is adorable and pretty addictive!

Let me just say, this game is adorable, hilarious and to be honest brilliant. I loved every single moment of this game. 1,000,000/10 will replay again. Max out your lotion and extend all the way to the right, then go left and right really fast. Huehuehue.