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(4 edits) The image is freezing here (4th screen in the prologue scenes), i can still press A to skip dialogues.
Same thing happens here : and here : the image is frozen but i can still do things. 
Also when i choose "option" in the menu, the game freezes and I can only close the game.

btw if you have discord, i could report bugs faster x) PierreCHT#4627

Money need balancing
Too many fights in bushs
You can go OOB if you go south west from bowsette

3/ no i menant I can't play previous lvls to lvl up

4/ ok I see

6/ Hm ok it didnt feel like there was a bonus because it's too low x)

Hey there o/

How far did you guys go (on the demo version) ? I'm stuck on Chapter 4 because I'm bad at the game :c

(8 edits)

1/ Add a story

2/ Add some optionnal tutorials, how to move, attack, use skills, items ; how to craft tech ; how to use skill points, etc etc.

3/ I want to lvl up before the next battle, but I can't :c

4/ In the chapter 3, the 3 bots on the top of the mountain don't move at all if you are far away from them, that makes the fight much easier because you can stay near the house and kill them later. So it would be better if they can chase us from far away.

5/ Discord Server :D

6/ I'm sad, there's no hit-chance bonus when you strike from behind :c

7/ It's only my opinion but I would make the battle-masters slower (and boost the meditation effect).

(1 edit)

1/ The game is stuck like this. I think EGR doesn't know what to do since he can't use any skill and my 5 characters are not in his range

2/ I started a new game, I wanted to use calming presence with nobody around, just for fun, and my ears hurt now :c
(Claster is using the spell infinitly so the sound is horrible XD)

Post your scores below ! Mine is 630M :)