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Excellent game! I liked the speed and the game is SO ORIGINAL! It's really awesome and I had a blast playing. Here was my experience in a nutshell!

I love this game! I can't wait for the rest of the game to come out! It's awesome! If you guys want to see some of the gameplay I made a video for it. Definitely recommend this game to anyone that liked Stardew Valley or just story games with some sort of RPG aspect.

Honestly, this game has the "top ten best storyline" feel and I can't wait for this game to release! I played it all the way through and loved every bit. Awesome game, no other coffee game can relate.

Still hilarious doesn't matter if you think that or not.

Lol I love  this. Nice little game guys. If you did more funny horror games like this you'd get somewhere big!

I loved this game! I gotta know when this thing releases! Personally, I felt like sidewalks were my enemy. After a while I just realized that the street is safer than the side walks. Lol

Great game! I was honestly so triggered that I didn't see the controls! I just saw the game and wanted to play it. Welp either way it was a great game!

My graphics card is super sad, but this game ran really smooth gameplay wise and it was awesome. I like game styles like this and encourage everyone to at least play it once. It's graphically pleasing to the eyes for sure.

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This game can make anyone have a smile :D I cut the mudslide part out so people will be suprised xD

Okay, you really made my day. This was fun and I appreciate it. Something simple yet funny. 

This game was awesome! I hope you guys get some funding for this game because I'm buying immediately! Probably the best Indie game I've ever played!

Ok, so I went through the game and it was really fun! I felt like I was playing the Legend of Zelda and it really kicked it off for me. I support this game all the way! I bet your wife loved it as an anniversary gift. :)

It has been a while but there is a few things been going on. This game though was very impressive. Great storyline and it really was a good game. I never saw any issues with the game although the language was very vulgar. It was a cool game though and enjoyed the story.

I played through the demo and this was a very cool game. VERY action packed. I want to buy the full thing when it's out. I'm really impressed. 

Great game! Great Story! I had to keep it PG for my viewers so I cut out some of the language but it was a pretty good game. I was really amazed by the story and how you start out with a date and notice small strange things. I don't recommend to audiences less than 13 (I bet they'd play anyways) but I don't think anyone less than 13 would understand the character's emotions anyways. Thank you for the good story.

This game was honestly the best. I tried it out and made a video with my brother to show how awesome this game was. I only choose certain games to feature based off of the detail in the games and this was one worthy. I loved the simplicity in the game and I honestly see good things from people that play through it. Grab a few controllers and play with your friends! Our PCs ARE the consoles.

I love this game. Jumping into the game I had some issues figuring things out (I didn't read the instruction..tsk tsk) after playing for a while you catch on to the abilities which were pretty cool. To think this game was recently updated and still has possibility of expansion is pretty cool. Whether development stopped recently on the game or not it's a full game and very much alive when it comes to activity.

The game was awesome! I know lots of people say that the controllers don't work but I used my Xbox Controllers and it worked great. I loved the game and the mechanics are VERY original. Anyways thanks for the game, it's an awesome work.

Ok so after I got the controllers all set up the game was amazing. I really enjoyed the concept of this game. There was a ton going on and it keeps you going. It's a simple game but I totally recommend it. Definitely deserves my support.

The Game was super fun! My brother and I were playing for hours. I loved it for sure. Hope to see more of your works!


Hey! It would be amazing if there was some sort of upgrade system. I like the system so and it would be amazing to have a way to get even higher in score. The game is awesome!

I loved playing the game! It's very casual and very easy to jump into.

Can't wait to play the game!