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Thanks so much for posting this! It should be fixed in the new version I uploaded

Sorry! I deleted the old download file as it wasn't working, but I deleted one too many files :U

Both the download and browser game should be working! Sorry about the mess

praise be to itcho

Thank you for your benevolence

oh no! I'm glad you enjoyed it, though! I'll get it fixed as soon as I'm back home!

One day!!! <3

In the future, for sure! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!!

Thank you! I may add on more when I have the time to! Definitely enjoyed making this!

Thank you so much for playing it!!! Loved the voice acting haha

What's going on with the game? Are you using the download or playing in-browser?

Just extract the contents of the zip to a folder and then open up the index.html file!

<3 I'm really glad you enjoyed it so much!!!

Thank you!

Added one! Hopefully it works for you!

Just the one I made it for, and the one my friend wanted me to submit to. Two jams, because both the organizers are my friends.