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I fixed it already in my current build but I didn't update it yet. Thanks for the feedback!! I will update in the early next week probably.

oh well. it is there for debug. I forgot to take it away.

I just downloaded and checked. Your icons are stellar!!!


I paid $28 and why I can't download anything at all?

I would love to let you play with a controller!! I am working on it!! Thanks for the interest.

- Spearmen can stab you through walls (Intentional)

- Enemies will attack you when the lower half of your body is behind a wall

- Projectiles will be fired exactly towards the center of the crosshair.

- Changed the look of hostile arrows

- all the foods give you Stamina 10 for now

Please let me know if you find anything weird.

Your feedback is AWESOME!!! I sincerely thank you!!

I will fix those issues as soon as possible.

Hostile arrows are pain to stand out in the given enviornment.

I will update this public demo soon with upgrade and leveling system.

No Worry, I am not a native speaker too. Thanks for the reply. 1. I did it by myself with helps from various sources(mostly tutorials on the Internet, paid resources) 2. I am using Game Maker Studio 1.4

Planned release date is May 2017. Hope I can finish it around that time. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback! =D


Thanks for the feedback! I will take it seriously!!

yeah i haven't finish balance+item variation yet.

oh my. thanks for playing my game that long. G key is only for debug purpose. The game needs a lot of work.


someday before this Summer I think.

Thanks for the feedback! I will need help from professionals for the sound and music. Once contents are filled up I will look for one. Also, as you said, shop for spending coins and abilities are planned. Thanks again!

There will be various bosses and dragon of course. Thanks for the feedback!

sure! once the game has some contents to show off =D

right now it doesn't really have any contents yet.

like, no place to spend golds, no boss...

need to work on those stuffs from now on.