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Pickled Cactus Games

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Cool, sent a request on Discord (I'm @AlanTheGenerous)

I used the CURSE font in my game, absolutely a pleasure to use.

Game is a few dollars to play, but I'd happily share a Steam key with you if possible.

Sheet, thanks for the heads up. Fixed now. Thankfully that build was only broken for half a day... ....

WIP full release version includes throwable pickaxe...

This is really fun and looks beautiful, I'm just too dumb for it.

art is beautiful

Took a minute or two for me to understand the mechanics, but once I got going I loved it. Blast of fun

Stoked to hear this, glad you were able to beat it!

looks beautiful, downloading now

I'm so so bad at this game, but I enjoy it!

Addicting gameplay. Got me wanting to go further and further each time. Pixel art is gorgeous too.

Art is beautiful. Enjoyed learning the mechanics and how all the spells worked.

Thanks, let me know your thoughts when you get the chance to play.