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I personally enjoy issues like these, they don't make the game unplayable as there is a skip option to get where you were before in a short time. I've gotten used to things breaking and have grown to enjoy it.
Also thanks for making a great VN, I've enjoyed everything so far and am looking forward to the next updates!

Also trying to copy saves from the old version will cause the current version to throw errors and start from the beginning, I guess because of the changes with choices.

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Great game and very challenging!

Eventually you get to memorise the patterns and it gets much easier.

I use Mojave and it used to work with that but since an update (not even that large) it has stopped working

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Great game but I updated recently (now and near the start of the year) and it no longer works... I'm using mac

hamachi in general is broken for me on all devices I have tried

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I get many different outcomes

Fast drop while the green is filled, allows you to do that and remove pieces.

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I have found a bug...


Clicking the game over text used to work to bring you to the home screen of the game.

Use the arrow keys to change shape or catch the dots.

This is a great game!

One thing that could make it better is that on custom mode the song repeats. I find it annoying when the song ends and I only hear silence.

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Sorry this does not work for me. 

EDIT: I found that hitting the fast drop key after clicking play starts the game

EDIT 2: Restarting the browser rather than reloading page can sometimes fix it.

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The game is now unplayable for me, I can use the options part but can no longer start the game.


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How does  the point system work? I have noticed one line is +1 and 2 is +4 but are there any other rules?

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I agree with this, I made the same mistakes at first but now I can play this and not the original! Could you also consider adding a pause button? Sometimes I need to pause the game.