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i think even better would be having more complex levels from the get go and a better explanation of what everything does

the problem with higher speed is that there is a higher level of precision required and that would not allow for harder puzzles, although if i went off screen with the level that might have been possible...

the sound on the other hand i forgot to encode it... =))

i am a bit surprised that you died though... maybe you were not patient enough? (the action system was a interesting idea that fit better in this kind of platformer than a lives system, and i was initially thinking of having a number of actions dependent on the level, but i did not have time to play test it so i just gave a number of actions that i considered to be at least more than enough...  given that you can select any action at any time)

skull can cancel some blocks and the black one basically allows you to pass other black blocks

.... done.... does not feel better though

just click to start/reset