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Wow had no idea this many games were related to YAGS! I'll have to take a look at them. And you're welcome for the feedback, thanks once more for creating an engaging series! Also just took a peak at the swag and there's a lot of good things there. I'll shoot a message to your mail

edit: Sent you an email bout a week ago, not sure if you got it or not?

Played this game a while ago, and decided to finish it all yesterday and today and get all collectibles! And also decided to give my thoughts on Yearning in general (made an account on itchio just to type this, if that's okay).

It's pretty refreshing that this game takes itself seriously (no joke chars/endings, etc.) while still maintaining good humour, and I like that not everyone is playersexual (as much as gay Nikhil would be nice haha) and that every character has a set orientation. The characters don't feel too exaggerated like in some other games and are pretty realistic, whether you love em or hate em for that. Honestly? Out of every gay visual novel I've played, this is probably my fave. Good writing and it has high quality sprites, it might be one of the best gay visual novels in terms of graphics (something a lot of gay visual novels are uh... lacking hard). Even if Yearning doesn't have explicit scenes and only fades to black for those parts, I enjoy it still, but hey, at least there's fanart to quench that thirst lol.

I put off getting all 333 collectibles for a while because I just couldn't break Carlos' heart for that achievement, ugh he's so precious, even if he is fictional. The achievement name for that bad ending is so dirty LMFAO hated getting it for the name alone haha. But I guess in the end I like achievements over him :P but yeah, finally got all 333 of them! One of the coloured bracelets was difficult to get for some reason, I had to try for the Green one about 3 times before I understood what to do, needing to sleep on it and try again today, but I did it!

Sorry for typing a lot here and rambling, idk where else to say this but thought I should make a nice review for the game somewhere. Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing game. Definitely recommend it. I kinda feel guilty that it's free to play, I got almost 43 hours on it. Now that it's over it just makes me want more though. I'll have to browse for more games, or I wonder, is there even merch for it? I'd rock a Carlos poster haha love him and his story. Regardless, finishing to collect all 333 collectibles was a fun way to pass this weekend, plus doing so is inspiring me to continue to try and make my first gay game (at least ideas of it), so an additional thanks for that to the developer! Hope you continue to do what you do~