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Really like the concept and graphics but aesthetically I find the lens effect a little nauseating and couldn't play more than a few rounds. The shifting hue was also distracting on an otherwise focused experience. I'd have liked to see more scenarios where the cars being tied together had a positive effect as most of the time it simply led to more crashes and almost had me wishing they weren't connected at all. Having said that it was still fun while it lasted.

This is a great example of a simple concept that builds upon itself with every level, either increasing the challenge for a specific gameplay mechanic or introducing new ones. Difficulty curve is pretty masterfully executed. While the mechanics aren't anything groundbreaking they're executed well with very competent level design with only a few minor hiccups (3 box towers take way too long to push, can easily get boxes stuck in a corner). If I was being very nitpicky I'd say the jumping mechanics behave differently when pressing a direction and jump simultaneously than when you press them in sequence which can make the platforming fiddly on one or two levels. Music gets repetitive as does the jump sound but honestly that's being very harsh and nothing that couldn't be fixed given a bit more time and polish. Probably one of the best submissions to the Extra Credits Game Jam #4 that I have played in terms of tutorial, level design and expanding on the initial concept.

Good concept, decent writing. Music fits the tone. Not much of a game here but as an interactive experience it does well to capture that feeling of hollow conversation. Maybe if the second time through the conversations did something different or our character reacted differently there may have been more time to flesh out that feeling but still a solid submission. Glad to see that you added mechanics to read the text at the player's pace.

I like the concept, taking the JRPG/Pokemon turn-based combat and using it to fight inner-demons is certainly one that I can see having room to be fleshed out. Unfortunately what let's this game down at the moment is balance. You may have heard of "Action Economy" in the context of tabletop RPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons but it applies here. We have 1 character who can make one action per turn, the enemy has 2 actions per turn as there are two characters. Every two or three turns the player MUST recharge their Will Points, reducing their potential attacks to a maximum of one per 2 turns (attack costs 3 but recharge only charges 5). This is in massive contrast to the enemies who have 2 attacks per turn, every turn, and can deal massive damage (52 in first turn in one case for me). After a couple of tries I used the defense option two or three times in a row and managed to eliminate one enemy, however by giving the enemies so much more health (70 + 55 vs our 100) and so many more actions per turn it makes it extremely difficult to even have a chance of winning. The theme makes me think this could be deliberate but I'm left feeling unsure.

Nice concept. Would have been nice to have some indication of what is currently connected and what isn't, maybe with colour, though I realise you may have been going for the monochromatic challenge. Music is good, if a bit repetitive so the ability to switch it off would have been welcome. Also would have been nice to have some kind of indication of success rather than simply loading the next level. Controls are simple and work well. Good job, overall.

The writing is good. You should consider making the text progress via some kind of input. Take a look at text adventures and JRPGs which wait for input from the player before proceeding. This means that people who are fast readers aren't bored waiting on your animation catching up, and allows slow-readers to take their time. Also it means I can take the game at my own pace, I can read a line and go make a cup of tea or something and come back without worrying about missing dialogue.