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I'm glad you enjoyed the game, already told you on twitter but I'll say it again, I love this video (superb editing)!

My takes on the badies alaways scare me bcs well, gotta try new stuff, thanks for playing!

That was a fun video! Sorry Crane doesn't react even if yer naked.

And I'm planning more and bigger for the next time. so there is that. thanks for playing my game! I really appreciate it

Looked it up and done it, hoping no one looked at the stuff before but thanks for the help! Files have been archived

I have absolubtly no clue how to do that, but will cerntaly try to do that now. Thanks for the head up.

Hah! Thank you, I think that was my favorite bits, just name easter eggs. Glad you enjoyed  it!

Hah! Could have been far worse, trust me! Thank you for playing my game