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A member registered Feb 22, 2017

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A little bird told me it may be advantageous if you had some help on the game while taking care of your new child (congrats!). Feel free to message me back if you'd like some volunteer help with bug fixes or whatever. I've been developing a long time, I can probably do some light work.

I can't seem to Time Travel, I'm at like e5421 aETH, and the button won't let me travel, it just does nothing.

This game is not currently laptop-friendly. Imagine you can't use a keyboard and mouse at the same time. Some small changes would make this far more accessible: let arrow keys either operate as wasd (movement), alternatively, they could operate to control camera/cursor during gameplay (I can use the mouse in the menus just fine). Map right-ctrl the same as left-ctrl so we can attack without contorting our hands in impossible ways. Or, as a final alternative, just build in a custom key mapping menu so we can make any key do any action as we desire. Other than that, good so far, I like the concepts here.