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Oh I wonder how do you get that line where Silas took notice of Mc's face


I was so touched with the words that you have managed to produce. I even made an account just to comment here because I was really struck with your story. I really like it. I like how you made the mc as someone we all can relate to, I can say. The way she carries herself with someone and the way she acts. We all can agree that the same old "damsel in distress heroine" in those otome games that we play are really getting tiring for us;so much for me that I can't even relate to them because I'm not that kind of person ;-; .  Anyway, I really love the balance of this story, a balance of  romance centered and plot centered. I haven't slept well last night thinking of Silas after getting the Friendly ending, waking up in the middle of the night but only be reminded of Silas and his sacrifice . I even cried after finishing the Romantic ending. I don't know what the Normal ending will give;should I read it or not? Should I explore more of the cutesy stuff Silas told the mc? I can't blame the mc for loving Silas because I too feel that, he's too cute and manly at the same time I JUST WANNA GO AND SEE MORE OF THE STUFF HE TOLD US!!! The art's cute that shows his reaction <3 Truth be told I don't really know how to express how I liked this story because one minute I'm typing this whole comment in capital letters and exclamation point and now like this hahaha but I figured I'll just settle with this. I LOVE SILAS<3