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Thank you, I made all the models myself, did some simple coloring, added some snow particles and relied on Unity's lighting and fog system for the rest.

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I made an short intro vid that plays after you click play, before you actually load in. It's an mp4, and plays using native audio and video decoding libraries, it's possible that you don't have a codec that supports it. I uploaded a version with it removed, look for "v0.1 - Win64 - No Intro Vid". Keep in mind that I worked on this by myself and I had 2 uni assignments due that I also had to work on, so don't expect too much 🙂.

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Definitely boat physics. I tried to get the boat to smoothly bob and tilt like a normal boat using several different methods but I couldn't get it just right and it ended up looking really weird. So I just used asymptotic averaging between the boats current position and a position just above the water with no tilt.

I came up with the idea in the shower :) . It uses perlin noise with linearly adjusting seed values to generate a height map which is then used to adjust the position and scale of a bunch of cubes.