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Sure thing! BTW  check out Twitter then. 

Oh, I would love to work together on this! At the moment I'm too caught up with a lot of stuff , but as soon as I can, I will take a closer look at this. The simulation engine is awesome in its own right, but I do have some ideas that would increase playability and appeal. Let's stay in touch! I will certainly keep an eye on this and maybe even feature this in a video on my YouTube channel! 

I stumbled upon this game by sheer accident and haven't tried it yet, but it looks like the almost exact same concept I have been walking around in my head with for years now! I have even started coding some parts! This is eerie! Can't wait to try it out! 

While you're at it, is there any particular reason the Trireme sails backwards? :-) 

Mail sent!  Cheers! 

Nice reproduction of the classic Civilization game! Im pretty much hooked now!

I would like to provide translations into Danish if you're interested, so I can introduce my little nephew to it. Just tell me how I can help.