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lol be proud you made a game dude, that takes alot of effort, and alot of courage to post online, I'll follow you so I can play the real thing when you update, even though (as you can probs see here) It'll take me half a year to sort through my email to find it. I still haven't really made a game, so you're like... 5 years ahead of me or somthing. I think its really cool you made a thing, and you shouldn't be sorry for posting something, I like to think that it's what this website is good for.

this is super cool!!

uhhh it closes instantly when i open it, like i got the popup about unknown publisher, when i pushed it through it closed. now when i open it i get a flash of a window on the screen and toolbar, then it instantly closes.

wait... no the stuff is in the data folder but it can't run because the executable needs a specifically named folder, not just one named "data". Its weird, sorry for being wrong earlier tho.

the folder is a bit wack, you need unity.dll in the zipped folder, also the game data file has to be named a certain way. I succeded in copy/pasting unity.dll from another unity game, which worked, but then I tried renaming the data file but that didn't work. sorry I didn't get to play your game :( You could try downloading the zip file yourself to get all the error messeges, or just look up what is traditionally included in unity game zip files (i wouldn't know, i just barely played around with unity)

i really like how this game looks, its super cool (i got to 4400 because i'm not good at games lol) i like it :) the way it forces you to keep the spacebar down makes you think differently about your keyboard.