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Very helpful info. I actually missed the phone guide completely, I think I checked it at the very start of playing for basic help stuff, and then forgot it mentioned hints! No wonder I missed the peeking on you scenes, it makes sense now. I agree it's good they'll be uncommon and not overdone. Maybe the rate will be just right once all of them are implemented. Thanks again for all that, looking forward to future updates!

I definitely enjoyed the content in the game! I played through till a little after day 50 and I believe I at least saw all the major relationship progression content that's available. Quite a lot more was packed in there than I imagined!

I'm sure there are some minor scenes (and maybe even a character or two) that I missed, and I didn't try both physics and art paths, but that's okay, it'll leave more to enjoy for a future version play through.

I did have some questions about allowing other girls to peek. I never seemed to get that to actually trigger. After unlocking the option with a number of the girls, it simply didn't seem to ever happen when I tried using the appropriate options from the bedroom, regardless of the time of day, or making sure said characters were at the dorm.

Is it possible I unlocked them too late in the game, and missed the opportunities to see those interactions? Is the content still in development and isn't implemented yet perhaps? Or is it just a random chance and I had extremely poor luck?

It just seems like perhaps I was missing something in order to trigger those scenes, especially once multiple girls had been given permission to peek, and still none seemed to come around.

Ah, interesting! I have heard of that program before, but haven't checked into it. Not familiar with the other titles you listed either, but I'll look into those too!

Hopefully the issues were just really unusual temporary problems on my end, but just in case they weren't, I wanted to mention it. I know how it is sometimes when things can be not working like expected and just nobody brings it up, just assuming others are already aware.

At any rate, thanks again!

I'm only just getting started playing this, having found it recently, but really appreciate what you've created here from what I've seen so far!

I see it's made in Ren'Py, but I'm curious what software you're using for the 3D models and background scenes, and the animation? If you don't mind sharing that is. If you would rather not, I understand perfectly there may be reasons to keep that information under wraps.

On another note, I wanted to bring something to your attention about the download for v0.55. I tried 3 or 4 times to download the Windows/PC release version from here, and though it appeared to work correctly and download fully, when I went to open the actual zip file, it was corrupted and would not load or extract like normal.

I ended up going to your Patreon page and finding the alternative download links post with sources from and Google Drive. I tried the zip file from and it worked perfectly on the first try, just like you would expect the normal experience to be.

It's possible it could have been an issue with my internet, but considering it failed on multiple attempts with the upload, and worked fine on the one, you may just want to double check the zip file here, just in case others might be having issues too.

In any case, thank you for creating this wonderful work. It's very refreshing and enjoyable just from what I've seen of it thus far, and I look forward to seeing more of what the game has to offer as I get better acquainted with it.

It's okay. Just run with it :)

(The anxious mind is a strange place to live.)

Thank you for all the amazing love, care, passion, and time you have put into this project. May you continue to see great success as development progresses!

I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement and appreciation for all you and your team have accomplished. It can be easy to forget at times, but you and your team are paving the way for others to follow in your footsteps, and creating something that brings enjoyment to many. Thank you for all that you are, and all that you do.

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Please be more gentle and supportive of yourself. You have nothing to apologize for.

Professionally made games do not guarantee an enjoyable experience. If anything, I'm of the opinion that it is the indie game space that carries the passion and creativity of projects and ideas forward for video games more often than not these days.

This is a nice game. I enjoyed the writing and the art, I appreciated the inclusion of multiple paths/routes to play through, and the characters were interesting enough that I wanted to learn more about them both. After seeing all there was to see, I was just left hoping the stories would be continued someday, but even if not they reached a nice point of progression as it stands. It is my hope that more games like this may exist in the future, especially within this genre as they are few.

It's made all the more impressive knowing how short the usual game jam development cycles tend to be that you managed to provide this much content.

Thank you again to you and your collaborator(s) for making this game possible and freely sharing it with everyone.

I know this game came out quite some time ago now, but I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for sharing your creation with everyone. It is a unique and fun experience and I appreciate that it exists.

I know this game released a few years ago now, but I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed what was here, and appreciate all the love, care, and passion that must have gone into putting it together. Thank you for creating and sharing this with everyone.