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sure thing

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hey man, can i have it too XD PhoenixFolf#0675 

This is such a great game. The way it seems innocent and cute in the beginning and how it COMPLETELY stays the same. Definitely NOTHING disturbing about the game whatsoever!

I got jumped and spooked. XD

I could probably give it a try...

I had tried this game about 6 months ago, ever since I am hooked. The joy of killing a bunch of 7 grouped up bumpercars, the strange physics, the fast-paced gameplay, what is there not to love? I hope this game continues development as well as your other games Virtual Turtle! You have my developer respect. (P.S. Hopefully that development includes online multiplayer because that would be even better!)

This game is absolutely incredible! The quirkiness of the raccoon/tanuki, the great graphics, and the calming music. All I can say is good job squidsquad and thank you for this amaziing game. I hope you will continue developing this as well as other awesome games! :)