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I had a bug on the math drawer so I had to replay it.
The planet puzzle was so cool, and the game overall was awesome!  There were some minor problems with knowing solutions and the game breaking a bit.  Like entering the piano code and the star beside it turns invisible.
Even with the problems I still rate this 10/10.

Same thing happened to me :(
I beat the math game and didn't think anything of it and when I exited I saw the drawer and it dawned on me what you're supposed to do.  I went back into the math game, used the notes to get the symbols and left.
When the music kept playing I was worried, especially when I went back to the computer and it was off :/
Oh well, guess I'll start from the beginning.

The art style is very charming and I had fun playing it :3

I'm pretty sure I 100% the game although I am missing the equipment left of the bombs...

The only complaint I have is the wall jumping is a little awkward.

A few things I noticed:

-The screen moving gets stuck for a few moments at the right and left edges

-Are you supposed to be able to place the blocks on top of each other?
-I found myself trying to place the blocks back were they are stored manually or the block storage would obscure block placement (lower opacity when hovering over for fix?)
-There was an instance where the robot made it, but trying again didn't, even though nothing changed
-Having switch modes be "space bar" instead of enter means you don't have to move your hand from WASD

I found that the materia and money system only really played a part right at the beginning and right at the end.  Perhaps make things a bit more expensive so you have to pay attention to them throughout the whole game.
I think it was Antimony (the one with the zig-zags on top) that needs a few extra circles or you can just draw a line straight across, and the curved bottom can be a triangle.
I did like seeing the money go up at the end, although I did almost miss it.  Perhaps instead of having it overflow and go negative, use the infinity symbol?
Overall, not bad!  I finished it in 16:53

One thing I don't like is how jarring death is.  Have a little death animation, then accelerate toward last checkpoint or whatever...  Makes me jump so I didn't finish.

At first, I wasn't exactly sold on Mori.  I thought he wasn't my kind of guy... but he definitely grew on me.  Plus, who could say no to that big, muscular, demon cat UwU
I'm eagerly looking forward to future updates! <3

So are you telling me that unless I paid "$7.99 USD or more" for the World Land Trust Bundle all I have access to is the Android version?  Is that true because I don't have Android...

I didn't realize I needed to check over sixty game pages for fine print :/