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This is pretty good, I'd say

Well I figured it out, and beat the game. That was amazing :). I loved the artwork, the story had a good plot twist, and the sounds and music were beautiful, and terrifying. Good gob jedB

uuuuummm.......when I get to the lockbox in the upstairs room, iI put in the code the windows have aaand, nothing happened?

wow. That was a good game, made me think. Good job Jet Simo

I played for hours to try to get all the cars, left for a day and lost all my progress


how to retry cooking? Stuck on dancing no go way. pls help

I'm playing on chrome. Not the best browser but I don't have the attention span to try and get a new browser or anything like that

Its happening to me tho........a lot.

I call him Tom. Don't ask. Even I don't know.

quick want. um could you maybe make the cheese and stuff not look so stale. it just, sits, if its not too hard, could you make it flop and overall an amazing game with so many tiny details, keep it up

here's my simple, yet cozy, room. Cool game. please add more stuff


i think you won

Very fun game. Would love to see more levels. I got stuck on 17 for a bit but figured it out and I love the difficulty curve on this game. Overall a fun little brain teaser

good game. make  longer pls.

good game. make more level. do now. give more gam.

really fun game. I would love to see more levels and maybe a monster that actually comes to kill you, but over all. really good game.

needs more controls. can not push them both down at once.


Nvm i figured out i needed to click inside the web player. im dumb

why does the camera stick at a certain angle. if you could fix that. this would be great.

things that you could do:

show what ore you are getting from that block
add some sort of crafting
a way to make torches for better lighting
and a way to get better tools and a better smelter

other than that its a pretty good game idea.

thanks i really liked the idea of the game.

i played it for a while but now i cant play it. it shows up as a blacks screen and wont work

love how simple but hard this game is. I really enjoy how the pictures are clearly cut out images but they still look great when moving. The only thing i think this game needs is a scoreboard type of thing where it measures how far the egg went and keeps track of it. But overall i really love the gam