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I absolutely love the aesthetic on this one.

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This turned out even better than I expected. I really love it!

The only thing I'd think make it even better is it there was an in-game encyclopedia or something, telling more about the world, locations, and the terminology.

Ahhhh. I just noticed these after coming back to game dev and I'm in love. Will definitely purchase in the future!

Wonderful work! I always love to see more interior tilesets like this.

...also leaving a desperate request for art deco tilesets TwT

I need them gold trims / fancy geometric decorations!

This has to be one of my favorite tiles from you guys! I'm such a flower lover in real life and love decorating my maps with them,  so this helps me so much. 

I hope there will be more variations in the future or even glowing ones.

Just what I needed! Thank you very much!

Ah, dang. That is sad to hear.  T_T

I'm a huge fan of them because it just saves me more time (and they're appealing since I parallax) but I can see why others complained, probably because of the lack of customization.

Love this pack and the atmosphere!

Do you have any plans on releasing like "pre-made" exterior buildings or houses that are more refined to be less confined to the in-game editor? Basically for parallaxing purposes.

Out of curiosity, how long is your request list? 

I'm a huge fan of your gus' work and I look forward to every release!

Bio-luminescent plants are stuff I like, so I'm looking forward to that! Thanks for the quick response :)

Are there any more plans for like these type of glowey type of tilesets?

I'm such a sucker for glowing stuff! This has to be one of my favorite packs from you guys in terms of aesthetic.

Great work! <3

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Thank you so much! I'll shoot you an email :) Hopefully it went through.

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Hi. I purchased this on your website website a while back and still have the billing for it in my email. For the version 2, do we have to purchase it again?

This is exactly what I needed in my game! Thanks so much! 

Thank you for this! Can't wait to try mapping with these materials :)

Thanks for this pack! 

Also can't wait for the mountain pack. That's something I've been lacking in my tileset collection ^^