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If you are referring to the scene back at your apartment that song is licensed from Professor Kliq and is called Sacreligious.

If you found it it will be in the images tab. Finding those reveals custom bonus renders. It is just a fun thing to get on the side. Not a requirement by any means.

Done! Thank you.

Thank you. I just did an update which may have some of those minor typos fixed. Each update I release sometimes players find some older typos and I am always sure to address them for each following release.

gonna be awhile. I am about halfway through now.

All ends should be the Car scene for this release. Let me know if something else happened here. Also be sure there are no mods because I can't properly do a QA on that.

About half way there at this point now. Still got loads to go.

Thanks! Yeah, I have quite a few couples that enjoy my games. It's something I am really happy about :)

Contemplating how I want to go about it currently. If i do a two part deal there are some logistics I need to look into, but I would be able to get the first half out there soonish. If i do the full thing I have about another year of development on it. It's something I am still running in my head.

lol, not sure. I'm glad there are no more issues though. Could have been the roll back feature.

Hey thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Not sure about the text repeating. That has never been reported to me but if you can give me an example so I can look into it that would be great.