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This is a really fun toy. The visuals are a nice blend of ambiguous and concrete; this is also a good tool for quickly brainstorming or prototyping world building ideas.

A nice addition would be the ability to remove land/add water as well.

I had a good time playing the game. I liked the aesthetics and mood especially. I managed to catch all but two fish by the end and had purchased every item in the shop. I kept trying to catch the last couple fish in the secret area with the bones and creepy music (because of the clue the shopkeeper gave me), but never managed to catch anything new. At a certain point I realized I would have to grind smaller fish to get the money for mythic fish bait/potions/etc and that's when I decided to stop. All in all, a fun time, but disappointed I didn't get to see the ending.

I'm usually a fan of non-violent games that just let you parkour about, but it's not a great sign when I can't make the very first jump in the level 70% of the time and I don't fully understand why. And then I never figured out how to wall run across the very first red billboard. So, I didn't make it very far.

Thank you! I'm glad you found it charming.

As for last part in the fungal age, it's not actually a mistake. Since it was an Easter egg I decided to break the fourth wall a bit and poke fun at the real Uru, that's why I wrote "D'ni" in that spot. There's so many times in Uru where there's a ladder that doesn't look like a ladder that it became a running joke with me and my friends. I thought it would be fun to include our joke in my own version of the game. (Btw, don't know if you're aware, but you can play Uru for free and multiplayer these days. The game is maintained by fans and periodically they add fan-made Ages.)

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A really clever and unique game! Great work. I feel like if we were shown how a map was supposed to look  (like in the tutorial) after each failure, this would not only be fun to compare, it would also help players understand the rules of the game better. But still, I haven't seen anything like this before and that by itself is really impressive!

That was a simple fun experience. Not sure if there's a proper ending; I got to the point where I couldn't find any more ships, so I'm assuming that's the end. Anyway, I had fun teleporting around and decapitating humans. I also thought the slow little alien waddle was funny to look at. Good work!

This is a really great puzzle game that hits all the right buttons. The mechanics and components are very simple, but you've managed to use them to create some really interesting and unique puzzles. Really great work!

Really fun, simple puzzle game. You managed to get a lot of gameplay out of some very straightforward rules. Good work.

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and I'm delighted that it inspired you to try some Bitsy games of your own!

That was great! I liked the simple premise. You did a good job using Bitsy's limitations in clever ways, and I really liked how you created the sense of a real interconnected building. Definitely captured the quiet, sad feeling of having to end something. Also, coming out onto the balcony and viewing the front of the theater was really neat!

Keep up the good work!

Moving to the exit wouldn't let me leave. It was the sleeping bridge goblin side. I went back there (after talking to the mimic) by mistake and then it was like there was no exit.

That was a nice story. Heartwarming ending. Also, the bit with the rat made me laugh. Well done!

That was a fun story. And you put in a ton of effort into that art! Good job!

This is a nice simple concept. I liked how you go through the neighborhood and then have to go back. But I couldn't return any books to the owners after the librarian told me to! And then I went back home and couldn't leave because I didn't have the book I already returned to the library.

Well done. A nice game. But I only found 2 of the endings!

A fun game. Nice art and atmosphere. Good work.

A very interesting and neat idea for a bitsy game. Wasn't sure what was going on, though, and it looked like whatever mistakes I made were permanent. But I had fun while I was doing it. Good work.

That was a truly delightful and creative game. Really loved seeing some of the ideas for the monsters. Great work!

But I found a glitch! I don't know how exactly, but when I returned to the room with the torch (where you wake up the monster with the loud flute) there was no way out; I was stuck and had to restart the game. This happened after I both 1) woke up the monster and got the torch, and 2) moved the boulder and talked to the monster at the end of the path. I'm assuming doing both these things will make the torch-room broken.

Other than that, it was a really fun game.

That was a nice, cute game. I really liked the art, too. Well done!

Ha, ha, fantastic! A really clever idea for a Bitsy game. Got the Renting Romantic ending. The "superb" in the telephone booth genuinely made me laugh.

I can't really comment my thoughts without posting spoilers, so... Good work, that was a neat short game.

Ha, good job! The writing had some good humor in it. Funnily enough, one of my favorite parts were the trees! Those were some of my favorite Bitsy trees I've seen.

That was neat! I liked your art and the clever use of the puzzle.

I nice little game. I really enjoyed the way you used view distance.

That was a fun game. Had both interesting and funny things to say. Good work!

That was a really neat little experience, although it took me a little bit of experimenting to figure out there was more to it than I saw at first glance. A unique idea; I'm interest to see where it goes if you do more with it. A suggestion: if you go into your game's itch page, you can change the size to 560x560 and this make Bitsy games display a little better. Keep up the good work.

This was a nice, chill experience. It brought back memories of when I was as child visiting the library. Good job!

Nice job! A clever, unique concept that communicates a good moral message. Only one complaint: I hungered for more!!!

Ha ha, creative idea and a good sense of humor. Well done!

Overall, this is a very good game. Moving and looking feels very smooth and rewarding. Shooting is fun. However, the combat got very repetitive even in a short game like this. And I wasn't able to hit moving targets even when I was leading my shots; probably could have used some aim assist or tweaks to the hit recognition. But overall, this was a really fun game to just move around and shoot in. Again, the movement itself felt and looked really good by itself. Great work.

This was a fun game. It was kind of relaxing driving my submarine around the underwater caves. Although there were some good scare moments as well; well done scripted moments. This game has some strong Sunless Sea vibes. Well done.

This was actually very good; reminiscent of chess or checkers in having to think several moves ahead. There is a core here that could easily be expanded into a bigger game. Was dissapointed there wasn't much world building, though.