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So glad you all enjoyed it!!

Brian's work just keeps getting better and better and the map illustration and room design really stands out in Shattered Rain. This is a great adventure to slot in as a one-shot or part of the campaign. I especially like the strong theming throughout.

A wonderfully magical and fun game. I love the artwork and the nods to Little Witch Academia!

I made a video quick look:

A thoughtful solo game, I really enjoyed playing through and making my own changing pastry.

I made a short video:

So glad you enjoyed it!

Going Rogue is a great game for short adventures in Rogue One inspired narratives.

I made a quick look video about it:

Dying of the Light is a lovely narrative place building game. I really liked that I could play it solo or with friends depending on the day.

I made a short video look through:

Thanks so much for covering Lost Post, and I’m so glad you liked it!

Thank you!

Sweet! Hope you have a good time. I really enjoyed using the crossword as a prompt (i even have a few more saved up to try later!)

This is a great 2 player game with fun ideas and easy mechanics to build tension!

I made a quick look video about it:

I'm so happy to hear it!

Thank you!

A great story game to play in an evening with friends. I love the backstory creation, and the ability to play as an imposter!

I made a video review:

A lovely solarpunk game with beautiful art and design.

Here is my video review:

I thought, seeing as this jam is open to both video games and physical games, it might be nice to have a thread for discussing TTRPGS. 

So, what sot of thing are you thinking of making? Are you planning on using an SRD, or making up a new system? Will you use dice? Card? Tarot? etc?

For me, I'm still brainstorming some ideas, but I think I want to try and make a solo game based on some old flash games from my youth.

Fear the Taste of Blood is a great game for anyone who enjoys classic horror movies. I think this would be perfect for playing with friends on a dark and stormy evening.

I created a short video review:

This is a lovely game to play over the course of an afternoon with your own cup of tea.

I made a short video review:

This is such a fun and cute game!

I made a short video review about it:

I really enjoyed curating my images and creating an art show!

I made a short video review:

Lost Below the Earth is a fantastic solo game about hope and obsession. 

I made a short video review:

This is such a lovely game, my partner and I keep coming back to it again and again!

I made a short video review about it:

Capybara Capers is a super cute and fun game! I love the artwork and the roles you can play.

I made a short video review:

I really enjoyed playing Pilgrimage of the Sun Guard, especially the difficulty of trying to decide if i should continue my task but break my code.

I made a short video review:

Thanks, so glad you enjoyed playing!

Altitude is a fantastic natural horror game about trying not to die in the highest mountain in the world.

I made a short video review which you can view here:

Thank you! I hope you enjoy it, I'd love to hear some stories if you do end up playing it!

Bumbling is an adorable game, i had a wonderful evening exploring the area around my hive and collecting honey.

Here is a short video review i made about it:

I really love the cute and cozy vibes of Cozy Town. It is great for an afternoon of fun with friends, or for establishing a fun a friendly town for a larger campaign!

I made a short review video:

A fun solo game, I enjoyed the prompts a lot and the ability to make the game as strange or mundane as I liked.

I made a short video review as well:

This is such a fun idea, and i think it would be super fun to play as a one-shot, or as a downtime activity for another game.

I made a short video about it:

A fun and well-structured solo game, with an interesting take on the post-apocalyptic setting. This would be great for a longer solo game!

Thanks for letting me know, hopefully the darker text works better (let me know if not!)

As a community we all have lots of different skills, from art, to layout, to editing, to playtesting, to proofreading, to general cheerleading. I thought we could use this post to ask for and offer help while we make our games! 

For example, if you are a new designer and would like some help with finding good stock art, figuring out InDesign, or would like to use one of my artworks ( for your game, please do reach out and I'll see if I can help!

Same, game is in! I was faffing about with making my project page extra pretty. Really enjoyed this Jam as well!

Thanks! I was rushing a bit, this gives some breathing room :D 

ah this is great, thanks for making this!

So many great ideas, can't wait to see everyones finished games. I think I want to make my game about lost post :) 

Had a brilliant time playing this, the token system is very easy to use and lead to much hilarity as Oscar Wilde, Anastasia Romanov, Vanja The Slayer, and Raven Ebony Darkness attempted to cancel their gym membership. Would play again!

I'm thinking Satanic Hope and Despair - I want to make a solo game about being a medieval peasant sent to purgatory who is trying to get to Heaven and avoid being dragged to hell. 

I also had an idea for Satanic Jelousy as a comedy game about devils trying to steal each others soul contracts, which I might make as a one-page game if I have extra time!