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Bred: Bet you haven't seen a pure bred like me before!

Me: Has a Bred in my party.

Also me: U lied. So you must be attacked by yourself.

Good game!

Thanks! I’m gonna try it!

0.0 How long does it take him to get that big?!?!?!? 0.0

I've been having a problem where I've gotten all three of the valve regulators and all three of the fail safes, but the boiler meters don't get full enough to let me explode it. Is this part of the game that I have to figure out, or a problem I'm the only one having? Help please! (Otherwise, REALLY GOOD GAME!!!) :)

Really good first chapter!

Forgotten Fun!!!!  :P

I really liked the game! The puzzles  get harder as the game goes on. The last on (oragami) was really difficult for me , but I hope that you update the game soon, because this game... IS AMAZING :D The TV integration was the most difficult part though. Also.. I saw a certain thing on the TV,  but I don't want to spoil it in case of it ruining future gameplay. Other than that, REALLY GOOD JOB!