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輝滒 (PHCLMicoTW)

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I know this is an old project but how 😂

* SEGA Want to know your location *

Harry is dishonest because sometime he eat meat sandwich! LoL~

Step on character...

Player can be step on some of the characters...

Somehow I can walk through this guy on the top, It's that a bug?

I was very enjoyed the game! Concept is cool, Artwork is beauty, visual effect is amazing! And kinda have some shadow of the Undertale. ha-ha!

Suggestions of gameplay:

In battle:

  • Jumping time is fixed, sometime just jump a little earlier and player will be hit, if player can jump longer by holding jumping key it will be better.
  • Attacks is too dense but too easy to dodge, hitbox (judge ways) is weird, attack patterns is so predictable that you can just stand there and do nothing, even watch the monster dance, and sometime just keep jump and switch left and right you can avoid all of the attacks.
  • Auto recover is given too fast, maybe disable auto recover and replace it with healing item drop from the monster, player need to collect it by himself will make the game more interested and challenging.
  • Pause screen is totally blocked every thing of the battle, if player forgot the position of the attacks already on the screen, they will be hit when continue, if pause screen have half of the opacity or have a countdown timer while continue is much better.

Suggestions of control:

  • Finished the Demo with controller (XBOX), I think if player can dash with "X" (or other) button is a good choice instead of tap D-pad or analog stick twice.

  • If the system can keep the running state when player changed the direction is better!

  • In items/system menu, "B" is no function for now, but most of games use "B" button to return, maybe you guys can give it a try?

Hope this game can be better and better! Cheer!