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I will say having seen what I'm assuming is all the content that exists so far this is a really strong start and I'm excited to see more, especially if we are going to get more extended bad ends.

Divelocked community · Created a new topic bug report

The brothel slave path breaks at the end, the link to send you back to the main flow doesn't work.

Yeah it's fine, now that I've gotten used to it I'm not having as much trouble it was just very awkward for a moment.

The PC I'm playin on is ancient, it's probably just unable to support playing the game. Worst case is I've supported a developer for an extra ten bucks while I wait for the Steam release to play it on my steamdeck which I'm fine with as an outcome.

No, but it is an older PC.

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For the future it'd be nice to get the previous controller bindings back as an option, I'm finding the analog sticks much less precise than the d-pad.

EDIT: It's not a HUGE problem mind I am getting used to it just a nice to have assuming it's possible.

When I try and start a new game I get an Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'scale' of undefined

I think I know what caused the issue, it's something to do with the new upgrade sorting features. You might be able to get it to happen sorting by Net Gain on controller/steam deck, that did it again. I was able to fix it by restarting and switching back to the traditional sorting.

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Okay this is weird, I can no longer reproduce either. I wonder if it was some weird interaction between the steamdeck control scheme and the 1.06 changes that resolved itself when I restarted the whole game.

EDIT: Yeah playing even just a few more minutes I think the game didn't handle having a pre-existing run well so hard that it took both starting a new run AND restarting the game to fix it. I'm happy the game was just gaslighting me or whatever I prefer it to be working lol.

Just FYI the game seems to bug out after you upgrade any unit in 1.06 and locks you entirely out of upgrading any unit ever again, you cannot further select any of the upgrade buttons once you buy one.

Excellent thanks!

Okay so question, what precisely is the pre-requisite to be able to have the tailor show up in the town square? 

Just to share some bug reports it's impossible to enter android storage in the factory and impossible to progress past the 6 number code in the spaceship as a dialog box will just loop.