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These certainly are useful.  Keep up the good work!

Right click for the win!  For some reason, was defaulting to a resolution smaller than the source image and the slier was at max.  Thanks.

Is there a way to change the output size.  I.E. I put in a texture of size 384 x 384  and  I would like the output to be this size and not 128x128.

You're making me want to write a scifi game! Will be back for these in a bit.  Keep up the good work!

That's better.  These are nice.  Bought it.

These look cool and it's nice you include a demo but as far as I can tell, the demo files don't actually include any sprites, just folders.

Nice! Thanks for sharing.

Good to see you return to your demonic ways.  Looking forward to future releases!

These are lovely.  Thank you.

These are lovely.  Thank you.

This is great!  Keep the Greek Mythology coming.  Cheers :)

These are really nice.  Thank you!

I would love to see:  Scenery / Structural Architectural icons.  This is something I am having a hard time finding anywhere.  To give you an idea: wooden walls, stone walls, iron fences, obelisks, camp fires, cooking cauldrons,  structural pillars, stalagmites / stalactites, wells, graves, statues / stone idols.  Thanks.  Keep up the good work!

Looks cool.  Would appreciate spritesheets in addition to unity package.  Ok for commercial use?  Thanks.

Looks great!  thanks.

Finally bought it.  Great pack!

The  sprite death animation individual cells appear to be duplicates of the attack animation.  Would appreciate an update with the correct individual cells.  The sprite sheets appear to have the correct death animations. That said, I like to make my own sheets. Thanks.

This is a really nice set.  Could you please provide some frame and render specs?  I want to know how easy this will be to integrate with other assets I am already using.