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Again, due to's file limit, there'll be A LOT of stuff missing on the browser version, such as the entire freakin' Almanac. The browser version is only there for compatibility test. It is highly recommended that you download the offline version and play there.

If you encounter any bugs in the offline version, feel free to report them to us in the Discord server!


Web version on is only for testing, it literally says that on the page. There used to be an official site for web version too but it's down atm.

The app is still html anyway, just offline.

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Just a reminder, the developer got a job recently and won't continue developing any more fan projects for the time being. Whether this project will continue to be updated or not is uncertain, the future of the project is unknown, and whether you regard this as a cancelled project and go play something else instead, or the developer being on a super long hiatus, is up to you. It's sad indeed, but as a fan project that's way too ambitious like this, these things are bound to happen.

P.S. You can still check for updates from the developer on his bilibili: