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Interesting visual novel. Only there might be errors. Like at least two dilaouge boxes isn't translated in English. For some name of characters isn't translated. And sometimes there isn't characters name of dialogue box. 

I purchased Android version and at least on my phone Settings menu is glitched out. For mine phone there is notch area and no matter if game is forced of not into that notch area it doesn't change anything. Well in this video you can see that settings glitch for android version.

I'm interested in these kinda game but haven't got into this genre. Because of that I figured out to get into this kinda genre with this game. Maybe for noob of this genre this game might be too hard. Or it's better to experience hard games of genre to get into same genre? But either case even if it's hard it was fun. And probably I need to replay same level as much as I needed. With which could I have learned enemy and bullet patterns to be able to avoid them. 

Also I mostly was focusing on destroying enemies, maybe I needed to focus mostly on avoid bullets. 

I played Android version and was wondering if with keyboard it will be different. How little I tried I didn't find difference between touchscreen and keyboard... Ok maybe one which is that on touch your finger might block seeing where your character are. However to move character on touchscreen you don't hold screen where it is character. Finger can be under or over character and with that you will able to tell how close or far bullet it is to you. 

And there isn't difference of game screen aspect ratio between different platform. Only resolution but it can change between same platform. 

But like I before wrote it was enjoyable even when it's hard. I guess who are interested to see how bad I played there here is video of it:

From screen shoots it doesn't look like visual novel

Intresting game but I don't know how to fell when level are blocked behind rank. It seemed when I retried level which I could rank xp didn't add up. Btw I played android version.

This version is limmted (it's for just limited time and/or having limmited amount content than other version) or just censored?

Android version isn't in English.

I can make video of this game? And if I can then I can post video here?

When trying to open splash screen appears and then game closes. If I remember correcly.  That's probably true about phone. However other games in Renpy runned to this phone.

So I shouldn't be playing games on families laptop then I'll play when I got own pc or better phone.

I tried downloading android verison but it crashed. Phone for reference if needed - Archos 50f Helium.