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Great job. Stumbled across this while watching speed runs. Keep doing what you're doing you will eventually get paid well for your mastered craft. Never give up

Scrub envious hoe who hasn't put any work into anything himself. Ignore

Hey I just want to thank you guys so much for making your first game. I absolutely loved it. Downloaded it when it first came out and had such a great experience. Truly a great game.

 I had forgotten the name of the game as well as both of your names and for the LIFE of me, for so long, could not remember.  I wanted to play through it again and was thinking about what the name was, yet again, and all of a sudden what do I see on Xbox market place? The legendary Anodyne!

Anyways I'm going to purchase the game again on my phone now and my Xbox as well to support you guys making the second one. I am so very excited for this project. Will be tuning into this page often now that I've found it. 

Again, thank you so much. <3