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Can't wait. I've been hoping for exactly that since I first saw #1

Woo! Any chance of a nice hardcover of the three issues?

Yes thanks. Got my restock notification as well. I'm tempted to get two so I can keep one unopened.

I somehow spaced the first set with the dice and module. Any chance we'll get another crack at them?

These look great

Is there any chance of an english version, or is it out there and I've missed it

Is there any chance of a complete POD or hardcover with all the rakehell material collected in a single work? (Ideally a digest size, small books are neat)

Hopefully, there will be a PC client at some point. Looks like a lot of fun.

excited for the hardcover. Can never have too many iteration of the game of games.

My main memory of it was that the game was brutally difficult. The way to get levels early on was to rush into town, kill the jester then run out. Rinse and repeat. I remember doing this for like an hour and then finally I could handle a fight in the wild.

Great so far. Brings me back to then old days of downloading freeware rpgs like Vampyre: The talisman of invocation.

Cool beans

Any updates? Hope you keep the sparse visual style. Not as big on the new-school aesthetic.