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I didn't notice a demo was out, so I tried it and my god it's as fun as the trailers on twitter were

Hope the steam release gets workshop support so everybody can experience my wip lightning mcqueen 

very good game! It's like an arcade game, so I come back every time to replay it and it's very relaxing to play! I'd like to play as more hololive members, but just korone is ok!

Thank you! It's been a great game so far, can't wait for the full release!

Weird bug in the song after the tutorial where if I miss a note, the prompt appears and I cant do anything about it but reset the song but I can hit high and low and see the animation, but it's still in the promt saying "high low note!" or "Hit high note!"
Maybe this can be fixed? lol

Reminds me of the old Shin Megami Tensei games on the snes! Really enjoyable, worth it if you have a flashcart so you can play on real hardware haha

MAN I wish I could put this in a cartridge
This is HELLA fun!

Practice makes perfect my friend
Try, Try again! You can do it!

Fun game to speedrun. The animations (especially the walking one) look off, but the gameplay is good regardless. Glad it raises awareness with the theme as well.
There are thankfully 0 viruses when I downloaded v0.4, so glad that happened.