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The closer you are to the main comment means how early you commented.

No, sadly enough. First reply for this project as well. (I bet none of the commenters care.)

He said that for people who forgot. Try to keep your cool, please.

But Yellow has a point. It's true and he only puts up polls for mods he'd like to do the same thing with.

I just made that comment for fun. So, no, you're not.


no u

Do you mean Expunged? 3D Bambi is not its name nor is Expunged. Their name is unknown as stated by Funkipedia.

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No, I don't. For people that think Expunged is called 3D Bambi, I just needed to point that out for them.

Woops! Sorry! I made a mistake!


Shut up. Dave & Bambi is a huge mod and you should respect it!

E is the beginning letter for Expunged's name just so you all know.

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BSIB. What did you just call me? >:(

My man Expunged's in here! Thanks, BotStudio!

I'm betting that this is a joke so people can get mad or be toxic. If this is truth, then shut the living h*ll up.

Ophee go brrrrr

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Press right twice, then down, then right 4 times, down once, three rights and up right after. Finally, press up right right down twice and then down right. The Noob sings Sabotage from the Impostor Mod.

Actually, Austin's combination is left, right, right, right and up.


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For Selever press the keys like this: left down up right up 3 times. After that you then press the keys in this specific order: right up down left down left. You're very welcome.