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Hope you had fun!

Thank you hope you liked it.

My pleasure

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Maybe I put some Dante references to my next game (prolly no though). My next game is "chill" themed so keep an eye out maybe you can relax with it (release date in a week)

thx for playing my game! Hope Chungus didn't scare you much!

You just put a silly smile on my face thx for your kind words kind sir

Thank you but I'm just a bored guy that likes making games and watching memes.

Thx for playing my game! And yes the game need some balancing. Anyway it's just a silly game and it only took me like 24 hours or so to code so it's obvious to don't expect much from it . Made it just to have some giggles. :)


*looks into binoculars*

WOW thanks alot for the heads up mate, i am new to this site and i didn't noticed that i messed up with the download link. Its up now if you want to download it.

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no one can simply "own" big chungus

I've gone for a twisted version of him :>

We changed the sounds and the effects of the game if you would like to try again for a different "feel".