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thanks for the Feedback. We know it's full of Bugs but we'll continue to Work on it and fix them

it's alright atleast youre willing to try :)

Bruh read the damn description you need to Press enter

Yeah youre right it May be confusing but I Just thought leaving the old Version would be interesting as a comparison (also sorry for the previous reply it wasnt meant to Sound rude) 

lol then this useless comment could have been prevented

you read the discription ?

You Download the ZIP folder Open the dependencies folder and doubleclick the Main File (the executable Not the Main workspace)

you jump with spacebar sorry for the mistake

yeah the downloadis more accurate we couldn't get the web version to work with textures so we just left the earlie development version there

OK thanks 

What's the difference between the Demo and the full version?

This game is fantastic. Hope you'll ad more content

it was actually my "training game" in Pico 8 to learn everything and it was supposed to get an apple catch game. Then I remembered this Jam and implemented the theme last Minute :D

oh now I get it but unfortunately they don't support type-c :)

Yeah i know all the hitboxes are 8x8 but the Sprites only 6x6 

oh your right I completly forgot that. Gonna  fix ist after Submission time ;D

very cool game. The sound is great but is there a way to regain hp?

my highscore was something around 10k is there only one treasure?

what do you mean with type-c

wow thanks. I thought it was a bit lame because it was a last minute Idea. But I am glad you liked it.

sorry but did not have enough time to include the jre

very cool idea, but I would add some textures or if you want to go for the minimalistic style stick to grayscales. But these are just some suggestions