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Great work so far! 

I think there is great potential here for a fantastic researching game that allows for the study, of elements, atmosphere, flora and fauna. This game could really have a fun adventurous aspect to it where Scientific study can fill a codex with useful facts about different world around a galaxy. Having a land rover and a sky hopper drone to analyze things on land and in the sky would be great too! Or perhaps all of these things could be worked into the one drone. 

My experience so far was totally bug free, the music was fantastic, the controls were comfortable and not glitchy in any way, the game plays smoothly so far. This is the core for something great.

I was just reading the description and noticed it says "fauna and creatures" those are the same thing. Did you mean flora and fauna?

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This game is a decent click adventure style game but it's much more in depth with it's concepts. You must read the conversations and try to figure out who is lying based on the information you receive. You can pick up clues to help with your investigations and then you must try to solve mysteries. The game has a fun style to it.