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I post updates about the game there:

Sorry for the wait.

I will also be adding less items in the future updates, because it will be like just levels being about the one or two new buildings and not about the puzzle, the combination of different buildings etc.

The new update will include two new levels!

First new level will having the player a powerful combination of buildings (2 miners and a cloner). However, there will be a packager.

Second new level will include the UFO, a long forgotten building, because i used the UFO in this level, I've adjusted it to be much more slow.


JustForFun Jam-1 community · Created a new topic i won!


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Thanks for the admiration, so.... how is the game?







RIGHT CLICK (HOLD)FOR ROCKETLAUNCHER Weapons over heat if you use them too much! The leader of the city was hated by his own people, so they were mad. Shortly after the leaders AUTHORITY,  people also started a riot... since people started a riot, the leader could do only one thing!

Which is getting some war robots and killing them all!

You, are a hacker, you hacked the police enforcement air drone, and have that drone on your side since, now with the power of hate, you will take down the leaders AUTHORITY and bring peace... and more AUTHORITY.  Drone lives matter!

Very interesting.... hmmm...


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Or does the character the PLAYER controls should have authority towards something else?

I guess I am just gonna stick with this point of view

I might understand this wrong, but isn’t any game where you play as a character that you control, means it sticks to the theme?

I want to be able to use assets from marketplace that were or are free, is that possible?

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A reset button like...?
Like the same as if you would restart the game or..?
You did win the game, right?


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I love the idea with the puzzles, which is great, however most of the background tiles(the background) are glitching, is that intentional?
Also I can't seem to pass the 2nd puzzle and I'm not in full understanding of this games mechanics.

Also also, what should lift higher, the rock, or the soul? Because sometimes the soul is higher, sometimes, the rock is higher.

Did you try to build a map though? Just asking because the map can be very important.


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About the map, if you try building a map... you actually can make something from it, and have your own piece of map (like on a sheet of paper). That is intentional.

The keys, yes, it is a very great idea.

Enemies, It's not fitting, traps would be great though, enemies will leave a HUGE suggestion to the player that the player is in a new room, rather than just, walking around the rooms the player already explored.

Its just not supposed to be a rogue like with just killings...

So, you said "i just wasted 20 minute of my life...but i beat it. next time make it shorter with enemies.  that would pick up the game 100%."
Can you please tell me just how exactly wast it enjoyable? 1-5 Stars?


About the Steam VR... I do feel like the steam vr is just opening when unreal is around even in the editor.
And no, there are no VR settings enabled. I think i just had to package it with t he configuration "Shipment"

Also this is my first time trying to make a game in 3Hours. The idea was that you switch between  Dark mode(can shoot and moves faster) and Light mode, and have a limited energy amount, Light mode takes away your energy slowly, Dark mode takes away your energy faster and shooting (only in Dark mode) costs even more. (PRESS Q TO SWITCH BETWEEN DARK AND LIGHT)
To finish the level (not done in the game cause couldn't finish in time) you should just go to the Energy station A, then to the Energy Station B (Both refill your energy) and after all that,  run towards the  final exit (Only opens when you have activated both energy stations).

Once again, I couldn't finish all of that on time.

Thanks for your comment  -petrkee

How much maximum members can we have for a team?


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i think the best voice was when i was voicing chicken , dontcha think?

Thanks, i think its hard because i tested it on myself

looks cool but i cant find 4th clue, also why is big gun not suspicious? i have only found hat , sword , a very suspicious item and few non-suspicious item : box and big gun