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Thank you for your comment! I realize the driving is rough but I will hopefully spend some time on it soon!

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Thanks for the feedback! Appreciate it that you took the time. Yea I realize it can be rough now -- I think I got used to it while developing and driving there constantly. I plan to tweak it soon though, or make it from scratch.

Hi! thanks for letting me know! It's strange that it happens :(
It would be so nice if you can send me the crash report at
or you can reach out to me on discord: petrithxha#1223

I'm setting up a server for Yugo right now, but you can also message me directly at petrithxha#1223

Yes, I will add it -- later today I hope. I have no way of testing it now though

Thank you!! I haven't decided yet if I want to have that option, and it makes sense when there is a player base so I am postponing that decision. Now I'm setting up a (late) discord server so will add a channel just for that. But I like the idea of representing them as hitchhikers though, I will at least name the channel that for now : )

Hi! Thanks for the comment! 

I am working to optimize the game overall, so it runs better or any machine, and I will try to have different quality settings as well. That might solve it soon, but unfortunately, I don't think it's possible to change the settings on the current build. 

And for the 2nd question, right now it's not possible. It's something other people also suggested I include, so I will definitely try to get it to work and might add it with a later update, together with more radio stations.