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is it included with unreal? or something else? 

just want to do some testing with it and havent used UE before O;

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i tried revive last night and didn't notice any difference.

I'll try a different game in case its just my calibration.

As for grabbing, is there a specific single check or just like a vr library "grip" call?

still having height issues and cant grab anything. maybe some difference between vive and oculus? idk

was actually talking to my friend the other day about making a weed shop game with a catnip stand because high cats are great lol

the vertical alignment seems to be off. i seem to float a few feet off the ground.  i also cant seem to figure out how to open doors and cant grab the hammer thing because i cant reach down that far without hitting my real floor.  clearly has potential though. 

if you want any help with it, i would love to, just saying :P