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Lol awesome game!!

very cool

Dude, this is an amazing game I love how fun it is, 10/10!

Amazing game I love Mario!

Great game I really love this game!

This is one of the best games ever!

Amazing game one of the best games ever. THIS IS A GAME!

Thank you ryanmouse yeah it was so much fun playing the game with you and ye can't wait to make more multiplayer experiences!

Yes ryanmouse is the best game creator there is!

Oh amazing game I enjoyed mind games and platformers.

Awesome game and also watched the video though one question I have about multiplayer in Construct 3 is how to sync animations between the host and the peer.

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I see 2 face when I completed the game its really fun!

Oh hi thank you for commenting Amigo121.  The invisible walls is a glitch with the tile map and was actually fixed, but the work was scrapped because the engine I was using couldn't read the file. Also the thing under the HP bar is like a score counter where you kill enemies or like gather ingredients your score increases. This was supposed to be in the game but was scrapped because of the same reason for the invisible walls glitch. The game will be updated  at a later point with the glitches fixed.

Amazing Game, so good better than every game ever made

Lol amazing

Amazing game stunning graphics, amazing gameplay, better than everything on the market, except pong.

Yay but its like a local multiplayer game and that is sort of hard to make a mobile version,.

I believe there's a glitch, that if you go to the right edge of the game, the player just levitates.

The game has a glitch when you press r the timer goes to 3 seconds and if you keep pressing r and running the time will never stop.