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congrats, you won!  unfortunately I ran out of time and energy during the 7 day development period to add an ending, and in the spirit of 7DRL I haven't touched the project since...

I hope that's not too much of a downer.  thank you for playing our prototype through the end!

it's also possible it isn't compatible with your particular choice of browser (safari might break it?), lmk what you use so I can investigate

are you sure your browser is up to date?  this is the first i've heard of this happening

there are 10 floors total.

thank you so much!  you *might* be able to download it via the app.  with that said, the sound won't work unless you host a server locally (if you have python installed, the included batch script should do the trick.)  it might be more trouble than it's worth.

the symbols are nonsense, aside from the fact that the number of lines that make up a symbol corresponds to both the particular tone played and the strength of the particle's repulsion/attraction.

this made my day!  glad you're having fun. 

it doesn't seem to run...

this definitely reminds me of the towlr approach to puzzle design. 

the only thing you're missing is a weird crosshair in the middle of the screen with no meaning whatsoever :)

hmm, that seems a little more cheap to me...  it's one of those things where it's "technically" correct but it doesn't quite align with the "spirit" of the constraints in my book, but I guess it's just a matter of opinion...

this of course does not detract from the quality of the game itself

at first I thought the bosses were 16x16 in size

then I realized they're made up of a single 8x8 sprite rotated four times.  that's a really clever way to fit larger sprites within the restrictions!

gameplay is pretty awesome too.  the sheer amount of polish is amazing