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I am a programmer looking for a team!

1. Introduction: I'm Peter, pronouns are he/him, I live in the EST timezone. I have done a couple game jams before and I have always had a lot of fun. I love gamedev but don't usually have a lot of time to devote to it with work, etc. so this is a good excuse to finish a game!

2. Skills: Programming, especially for 2D games

3. Programs/Languages: I'm most comfortable using Unity (C#), Monogame (C#), or LÖVE (Lua), and I have done a little bit with Gamemaker Studio and Phaser (Javascript).

4. Portfolio: I have some assorted code projects on my Github, none of them are terribly extensive or well documented.

5. Contact: I am on Discord @peter #5645

6. Other: I prefer smaller teams, and I would love to work on a small, cute story based game. One idea I have is a 2D platformer - you play as someone who lives in the woods in a cabin, they live with dogs as pets and their dogs get away/get lost and you go exploring in the forest to find them and bring them back home. But I'm open to pretty much anything! Mainly I would love to work with someone who is good at/willing to try art because that is what I have struggled with most in the past.

i love it! i particularly loved little touches like the explorer sitting down when idling and the crawling animation. i also really like the camera and your flashlight shrinking underground was a really cool feature.

it was also a little more difficult than i expected which was a nice surprise. i love all the variety in the animals' and plants' behavior, really gave them a lot of personality.