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Thank you very much for playing definitely hope to release something more not rushed soon :P

original plan was to make it long and gain abilities along the way but first time using Godot so ran out of time reallll quick :P

Thanks for playing! :P

Greeting Bappleseed! if you get a chance here's mine :P

Greeting Tori! if you get a chance heres mine :P

Apologies in advance if u get to this game please murder me with your feedback first game xD

Thank you for playing it ♥

Sadly used free resources so can't take credit for those myself but thank you very much! :P

Definitely plan to! abilities were supposed to be individually learned as u progress but time/ skill constraints were too strong for me this time :) Thanks for playing! :P

Sadly only had time to get to scholar rat but very cool idea and congrats on first finished game!

Wow this looks amazing i love the art and music!!! and 10 years old made this no way thats insane :)

Definitely agree yellow is the "op" form this iteration :)

the original idea was to slowly develop these skills over the course of a longer story but due to being my first Godot game sadly had to cut back on a lot thank you for trying my first game ♥